Gooder and Gooder...

Recently I have failed to keep up the typical rate of posts for this blog. This suggests to me that it's about run it's course. I just noticed that this is the 359th post. So maybe I'll get up to 365 and call it a day. I mean a year. That strikes me as appropriate. The daily routine in Carlisle moves along... our lives move along. As no doubt I have written more than once in the past, I'm reluctant to write about family members here, about the adventures, accomplishments, successes of daughters, for example... all the things that make a parent proud. Or about the qualities in a spouse that enables one to live a life of "dicha total," of complete good fortune. So, just trust me, that's what it is. Sometimes, often, actually, I wake up thinking, ok. day, top yesterday. Good luck! And yet, it happens. (It's still true, Mac: it keeps getting gooder and gooder!)

It's a slendid morning in Carlisle, and there's lots of fun work to do.