Beauty on a large scale

I just came across a spectacular photo created at the Paranal Obser- vatory in Chile. This is the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365, photo- graphed in infrared light.  NGC 1365 is a member of the Fornax cluster of galaxies, which is a mere 60 million light-years from Earth. 60 million light-years! The immensity of that distance is cause for great marvel. It also makes me feel, perhaps, a little helpless: we'll never get there! It turns out the Milky Way may be a barred spirall also. NGC 1365 is 200,000 light years in diameter! That makes it much bigger than our milky way. The complete story is here.


Groundhog Day

As good a time as any to make another attempt at blogging.  I don't know what Phil's handlers declared this morning and I really don't care.  But seeing one's shadow from time to time is important. A shadow is a good friend. Poor Waldo, he's so close to the ground he rarely projects a shadow.  But here's a basset who does manage to project a nice shadow: watch the video.