He Did It!

A couple of weeks ago I joked about young Red Sox rookie Jed Lowrie needing some rein- carnation work. He stunk it up pretty good in September at the plate (his fielding has been consistently good, better than you could expect from a rookie), but boy did he come through last night! How about that–the kid gets the game winning hit with two out in the bottom of the ninth. He didn't exactly tear the cover off the ball, but a hit's a hit, and with it the Sox move on to Tampa Bay. Should be fun. (And it's fun in Malaga–Asun arrived yesterday. Superlative. Lucky me. Wow, not being alone really does change my whole outlook. As Ortega y Gasset said, "I am me and my circumstances". The circumstances just got exponentially better.) These long waits they have come up with between post season baseball games are excessive, but in this case I'm not complaining–wanting to see the games really messes up my sleep routine. And sleep is important. So now I get a break for a few days. In getting this photo of Lowrie, I noticed that someone has already entered last night's hit in Wikipedia. The game just ended a few hours ago! Poor Angel fans. But the fans are happy in Malaga: the basketball team destroyed Real Madrid on Saturday and on Sunday the soccer team, back in first division, beat Huelva 0-4. Someone I'd really like to have lunch with: Roger Angell.

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