Local tentacles?

This is the 150th post for my blog. It's evolving as a fairly useful way for me to save some snippets of what goes on in my life. Or perhaps it's a way of inventing a past that is very, very close to the present. As the little box beneath this rectangle in which I write says, "Save now". Well, yesterday was a good day because Asun returned from Madrid. It was a very quiet weekend. The stormy weather seems to have passed, hopefully to stay away for a while. ("Saved".)
The mini-polemic generated in Malaga by the Defense Minister's announcement last week that the Legion's presence in Holy Week would be greatly reduced is a local issue of some mystery to Spaniards not from Malaga, and of almost complete incomprehensibility for the larger part of humanity. Most briefly: for the past 80 years or so soldiers from Spain's foreign legion, "La Legión", based in Melilla, a Spanish city on the coast of Africa, have been participating in one of the processions on Holy Thursday. They carry their "Cristo de la Buena Muerte", which they bring with them from Melilla. For reasons that remain mysterious to me their presence in Málaga is a hugely popular spectacle. I remember feeling completely repulsed when I saw this ten years ago. In any case, Teodoro León Gross wrote about this yesterday in Sur, and he was absolutely right: the Defense Ministry has already been forced to retract. The procession will go on as always. No one wants to take on the powerful "cofradías", the Holy Week "lobbies" who wield out of proportion influence in various local affairs.
Today's photo has no relation to the above text, that I can imagine anyway. Some grilled squid I prepared a couple of weeks ago for Asun and me. Excellent! I wish I could figure out how to upload photos with higher resolution.