The Right Angle

After the big night Tuesday, the rest of the week has been a bit of a blur. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights we went out to see processions and almost immediately many become confused in my mind: was that Humildad we saw at the beginning of the Alameda or was it La Paloma? Was it Dolores or Descendimiento that wasn't being carried very well? But we've had tremendous fun with Pili, Ana, and Gustavo. Gustavo, militant in his belligerence towards all things religious, was a wonderful viewing companion. Friday night we were back on Calle San Agustín with a few of my students and Antonio and Maria del Mar.We ended up on Calle Larios and there were Antonio and Melanie, taking it all in from the balcony of the hotel. It was a little chilly and when we headed home at 2 am I was glad it was over. Yesterday everyone except me went to the bullfights. A different kind of theater. I'm done with that. Today they're going back to see the big star, José Tomás. Right now the lamb is in the oven. Rocío aftermath: Wednesday I was a little sore and Thursday I could barely lift my right arm. And my kidneys felt like they were going to fall out. On Friday night we ran into Antonio Pino and so I had an opportunity to thank him again and to make it really clear that I'd be very interested in going into the submarine next year for the duration. We'll see. We were watching Descendimiento come down Calle San Agustín and in about two minutes he gave me a thorough critique of the throne's aesthetic qualities. Fascinating. He even pointed out the mistakes in the way the Virgin's crown was aligned on her head. A good lesson: I need to learn more about getting the angle right. Too often I feel like I'm a couple of degrees off. But it sure is fun to keep trying. (Truth in Advertising: the photo is NOT of the lamb we prepared!)