Hoplite Phalanx

This morning I learned something about the evolution of the Greek hoplite phalanx, the battle technique of infantry in very close formation, heavily defended with large shields. The word phalanx is Latin, and it comes from the Greek φάλαγξ. And then I realized, of course, the Spanish "falange", the Fascist inspired political party of 1930s Spain, took its name from this very concept-the armed force that will roll right over you. "Hoplite" refers to the citizen soldiers who made up the phalanx, and that word is related to the large shield they carried. All this I learned in listening to Donald Kagan's lecture online. (So I've tagged this entry "Readings", though that is not really the case.)
Of course, the important question is how can peoples around the world make effective progress in eliminating warfare from the human experience. War is a perversion, a madness. Is it hopeless? It certainly seems that way, but there has to be at least a speck of hope. Although the hoplite phalanx is a technique of the ancient world, the mentality of aggression, intimidation, and, ultimately, victory, through close huddling enjoys today robust health.
Enough of this diversion, it's time to get to work...