Another semester of teaching is almost done. Classes have finished. The academic calendar lends a strong cyclical character to my calendar. I guess most of us live with that sense, and maybe a little more so for those who have children in school. I wonder what it's like for childless people living near the equator? No seasons, no school calendars. Perhaps life would be more like a straight line. Then again, the consistency of sun up, sun down, may compensate: it's real cosmic equilibrium when you can count on twelve hours of sunlight day after day. (I'd like to go the equator someday.) I am reminded of Jorge Guillén's great poem, "Las doce en el reloj". Oh, blessed harmony!

Mother's Day. A little heresy: I'm against it! Against all these made up holidays. They're an insult to our imagination and intelligence. We need Hallmark to tell us show a little gratitude? Well, if I were going to be really consistent, maybe I should be against Thanksgiving itself. I'll think about it. The problem is, I love Thanksgiving dinner. It's actually my favorite American holiday and it is an important foundation myth. And speaking of significant days, today is the birthday of Dante Alighieri. Nel mezzo del camin... I fear I am more than half way, but I'm hopeful. Our neighbor lived to 102 and I'd like to go a little further.

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