The Change is Here

No big surprises in this election, at least with regard to what the polls were suggesting. To me Obama's victory feels like waking up from a long nightmare. Oh, if only Bush's rotten destruction were just a dream, how nice it would be to wake up! Obama's got quite a mess to deal with, so I wish him great luck. Listening to the speech he just gave a couple of hours ago in the park in Chicago, I was struck by his eloquence. A president who can speak the English language! Bush will leave office (eight interminable years!) without having given a single memorable speech, not one paragraph to inspire future generations. It's night and day between him and Obama. Congratulations to all the youngsters who got involved! They really did make a big, big difference. Here in Malaga the mood is euphoric. The phone calls began at 5 am (Alma!) then after a pause and two hours' sleep, lots of calls and text messages from friends in Malaga. People are really excited. And relieved. Good luck to the Republican party: Sarah Palin? I don't think that's the direction they want to take. If the news reports I just heard are accurate, the Republicans now have a New England congressional delegation of zero. Zilch! And they sure aren't going to fix that with Sarah Palin. And how about Elizabeth Dole pandering to the cultural neanderthals with last minute ads showing her opponent with a voice-over crying "there is no God". She's being sued for that one, given the ad's blatant lies and defamation. It's 2008 for God's sake! Someone who campaigns like that is not just shameless, she is truly despicable. Good riddance Elizabeth Dole-what a creep! She should go to Alaska and take a long, long hike with Sarah Palin. Maybe they'll find their real America up there in the tundra. Dole was another of these "values" Republicans. Yah, great values, Lizzie. (P.s.--In Minnesota a Charles Aldrich is on the ballot, running as a Libertarian. He's racked up 0.5% of the vote.)

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