Thursday already?!

It's one of those weeks when I have the sensation of days slipping by too fast. It's Thursday morning and I'm wondering what happened to Monday. It was here just a moment ago. When I temporarily misplace my keys I don't worry because I know they'll turn up. But Monday? I can't find it. I sip coffee. Here it comes: Monday afternoon Asun got back to Malaga. (When we left Madrid with the students back on November 3rd she stayed behind with Daniela, spent that week with her, then went up to San Sebastian. Then Sunday night back in Madrid with Daniela before coming back to Malaga, where she arrived just in time to come down with the flu.) On Tuesday Aurora Luque visited my literature class (in a combined session with Antonio Hierro's class) and she gave a great reading. It was a very successful event. And it's been a busy past few days with just routine work. This morning on the front page of the web version of El País, Spain's most important daily, photos and news of a good friend (Pablo García Baena getting his big prize from the Queen) and someone we know and who plays a very important role right now in our lives (Víctor Ullate, Daniela's ballet teacher). That doesn't happen every day! Yesterday the Ministry of Culture announced that Víctor will direct a new National Ballet Company, with inaugural performances scheduled for September, 2009. The company will have sixty dancers. Well, if Daniela continues on her path, this could, perhaps, constitute a very interesting possibility a few years down the line. But that's in the future. The article in El País refers to the well known irony of Víctor training future international ballet stars who make their fame in places like New York and London because there are no important ballet companies in Spain. This project hopes to address that situation. The article also refers to the talent in Víctor's school as a feeder for the new company. Right now that would be Daniela and a handful of others–it's not a big school. I wish I could have been in Madrid last night with Pablo, but that was not to be. (In the photo, Víctor Ullate.)

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