The Heat is On

It's hot! The past couple of days we've had "terral", the very hot, dry weather that sometimes blows in during July and August. Many people believe the "terral" is really hot air blowing across the Mediterranean from the Sahara desert, but that's a myth. In fact, it's simply when the wind blows hot air from the interior down to the coast. Sunday night it was quite something. And it's not just the weather that's unstable: everyone is coming and going as we try to get organized to leave Spain. We've been having a grand time with the Ohlstens, Jay and Karen, and daughter Olivia, but they are visiting Madrid right now and will be back Thursday. Daniela is finishing up in Madrid, Alma is in Geneva, and Cristina, I think, is in Carlisle; last I heard she was preparing to jump out of an airplane, one trusts with a well functioning parachute. Last night Julián's brother, sister-in-law, and niece were visiting. We had fun meeting them and enjoying some great food at Lo Güeno. In the photo some habitas con jamón.