The Big One

It fell and fell. Then fell some more. We haven't seen this much snow here in many years. When we woke up Saturday morning there was twenty inches of the white stuff on the ground and it was still coming down. We ended up with 23 inches. Beautiful. And wonderfully silent. So our day involved lots of shoveling! I was already feeling lousy Friday with a cold and sore throat, and now I can add to that general soreness. Ugghh. Oh well, the snow is interesting. I just hope it doesn't wreak any havoc in the form of leaks, flooding, frozen gutters, etc. We cleared the flat roof over the dining room. That was many, many hundreds of pounds, maybe a thousand. When Waldo ventured out the first time he took two steps and disappeared, literally. I feared I might have to jump out there and rescue him before he suffocated, but me managed to extract himself fairly quickly.