What's Happening There?

Last night, at the end of a very pleasant weekend (a wonderful dinner with friends on Saturday, a slow day, with a movie, yesterday), I found my mind wandering in a way that reminded me of my childhood. My thoughts would take me to a specific spot where I had been at some point in the past: a street corner in Madrid or New York, a turn on the appalachian trail, and I'd think: I wonder what's happening there at this very moment. Is anyone there? Who? Etc. I used to play that game a lot as little kid. Right now, for example, what's going on at the entrance to the Rua Nueva in Santiago de Compostela? Well, it's six hours later, so it's a little after 1 pm there. Probably plenty of people in the street. I imagine a typical day (raining?) in Santiago. What does it mean? Nothing. But that's what's going on right now in one part of my little mind. It's going to be busy day, so this nonsense will have to end in a moment. But I'm quite happy to have thoughts of Santiago in my head. A nice start to the week. (In the photo, looking up the Rua Nueva, from Plaza del Torcal. Oh, those times!)