Our neigh- borhood, la Malagueta, is really dirty. Aston- ishingly so, and it's quite discouraging how the situation never seems to get better. I just came back from a walk with Waldo. He doesn't mind the garbage- it's a veritable gold mine of treasures for him. It's not a question of clean-up: every night the cleaning crew sweeps the neighborhood, but it's never enough because there are so many people who just dump their shit wherever it pleases them. "Leave no trace"? A foreign concept. Literally. It's a shame. Malaga is such a wonderful city and has so much going for it. The miracle is that in spite of the garbage, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. The photo here is not from our neighborhood and it's not a typical situation. Nonetheless, it's not unfair-the general situation is atrocious.(Happy Birthday John!)

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