It's a nice Sunday in San Sebastián and I'm sitting in Daniel's living room with the laptop in my lap and Daniela at my side. She wants me to write about her today. OK-Daniela is a lovely knucklehead. We are watching the Olympics-tennis. Waldo is lying at our feet. Daniel and Isita are also here. Daniela ate 17 donuts this morning and Waldo ate a $400 ham! Asun got into a huge fistfight with the neighbor and the police are trying to question her, but Waldo is now vomiting the ham all over the cop's shiny red trousers. Back to Daniela–she is explaining something to abuelo, but it's too complicated for me to follow. Daniela went shopping yesterday morning; last night she got soaked after the fireworks when a big downpour hit us while we were still on the beach. It was great fun.

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