On the Road (Again!)

It seems like we have been in the car a lot recently. And now Asun and I are about to hit the road again and cross the entire peninsula up to San Sebastián. We take Waldo with us and pick up Daniela in Madrid on the way. Should be fun. Tomorrow is the Feast of the Assumption, so everyone think Vertical! I have competing visions of this adventure. Do you remember the Jetsons? One vision is of Mary as a Jetsons-like character ascending with a jet-pack on her back. She zooms right up. The other is much more pastoral–a Victorian Mary languidly ascending in a hot-air balloon, waving to the admiring crowd below, a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Take your pick. I wish we could just jet our way to San Sebastián, but with Waldo the car is really our only option. We considered leaving Waldo behind, but decided against that. He has been a great sport in this move and is maturing into a truly noble being.

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