Semana Grande

Here we are in San Sebastián, having a great time with Daniel and family. Yesterday we celebrated Asun´s feast day with an incredible meal at Saltxipi, a restaurant about ten miles from San Sebastián. The Arnedo's have been coming here to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions for over thirty years. We had creamy clam soup, cod tortilla, more crab, incredible Jabugo ham, fish, and lots more. It was all we could do to get ourselves downtown by 9 pm. We met up with Ana and saw the fireworks from her apartment, with a front row view. The show was done by the Marti firm from Valencia and had the classic Valencian characteristic: big, big, huge noise! It was quite chilly. Today it's nicer. It's a pleasure to disconnect from work for a few days. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my good luck.

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