Random notes from Donosti: It's been a food feast since we got here on Sunday night. Yesterday we had some incredible stuffed squid in their ink for our midafternoon meal, than last night it was stuffed crab. And all kinds of other delicacies. A few minutes ago I put half a lamb in the oven. And Merry Christmas. It's a cold, cloudy day, but we are all together and it's grand fun. Waldo knocked over the little Christmas tree. In Madrid I flew a paper airplane onto an old lady's coffee saucer. An almost perfect flight: I missed landing the plane in her cup of hot chocolate by just a few inches. Why do my daughters get emabarrassed? Sometimes they just have no sense of humor. That was Sunday morning at San Ginés, the most famous chocolatería in the world. On the drive up to San Sebastián Daniela, Asun and I stopped in Lerma and had a nice coffee break in the Parador, which is located in the famous palace that for centuries was the property of the Duke of Lerma. Alma and Cristina took the train. On Tuesday we all went to the market and then had some pintxos in Gorriti, a classic next-to-the-market bar that is one of my traditional favorites. Time to check on the lamb. Merry Christmas!

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