Waldo Doesn't Blog

Last night I read an article in The Atlantic by Andrew Sullivan about blogging. Apparently he's got a much read blog (The Daily Dish) and he describes a world I know nothing about and an activity that has nothing to do with "A Year in Malaga". And I've heard of The Drudge Report, but it's not a part of my routine. For Sullivan blogging is frantic and frenetic. It's all about speed and tons of hyperlinks and getting lots and lots of readers. More information overload. I prefer taking a walk along the beach with Waldo. Dear old Waldo continues to be a great companion. In fact, it's time for his walk now. Another beautiful morning, but pretty cold. A busy day coming up... But finally, and most importantly ¡FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, DANIEL! ¡Eres el mejor! Today Daniel Arnedo turns 80. Wish I could be there with him, but we'll celebrate again very soon. 

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