Don't Want to Forget...

These are just notes to help my memory: was in Madrid last Friday for APUNE meetings. (Boring.) Asun arrived Saturday midday. Daniela was tied up with ballet, so we didn't get to spend much time together, but we managed to go out Saturday evening and see a truly awful movie (Little Ashes, about the Garcia Lorca, Dali, and Luis Buñuel). Sunday Asun and I visited the Lázaro Galdeano Museum. What a wonderful surprise. A fantastic, eclectic collection. Last night we had a dinner at Biltmore with the students, along with this year's invited speakers: Juvenal, Teo León Gross, Soler, María del Mar, and Pedro Aparicio. Arcas also joined us, along with Pedro's wife María and Alicia. Asun is still in Madrid with Daniela. They arrive Friday night.
The students are done and tonight we have our copa de despedida.  They've been a wonderful group, and I will miss them, but I guess I'll see them back in Carlisle. (In the photo, Pili, Gustavo, María del Mar, Asun, Ana. A little relaxation at the end of Holy Week.)