New Food Rage!

Today everything is ok. Asun and Daniela came in from Madrid friday night. And Murphy arrived too. Yesterday we had a nice lunch at Emilia's to welcome back Ana Salinas from Strassbourg. This morning I've been reading José Antonio Muñoz Rojas, the centenarian poet form Antequera who has been "rescued" for literary history in recent years. He's quite enjoyable to read. (Another activity this morning has been doing war with the seagulls, a few of whom have very strangely decided that our terrace is now their territory. This has never happened before and it's rather disconcerting. I've had two direct hits so far with pepper water!) Last night we went to see Victor Ullate's company do Coppelia at the Teatro Cervantes. It was a good performance, if rather uninspired. We were supposed to meet with Víctor before or after the show to talk about Daniela (and perhaps disabuse him of the illusion that she's staying next year), but he had some kind of health emergency and couldn't make it. Apparently he's ok. The theater was full, which is always nice to see. The lead role was danced by Alessandra Ball, a young American from Atlanta. She was very good. Finally, my first video, dedicated to a a fascinating topic: the latest Spanish food craze.
Apparently we have a very slow internet connection here, so this thing took quite a while to upload. Enjoy!