Up to the Hills

We took the students up to the Montes de Málaga yesterday for a paella and some relaxation in the mountains. It was a splendid day and everyone had a fine time. The paella turned out just right.  Very funny: when the first round of salad ran out Asun went to make some more. Very simple. Finishing up, she grabbed a little tupperware container and proceeded to dress the salad. Olive oil. NOT! She had grabbed the liquid soap that I had brought along for cleaning up. Mmmm. Soapy salad! Wonderful! As I said, the paella came out beautifully, but I'm sure this event will forever be remembered for the soap dressed salad! Now it's four days of exams and everyone's done. A good year. Asun and I seem agreed that it would not be a bad thing at all to win the lottery and settle down in Malaga. We could live with that just fine. This afternoon we present "Té con Biznagas", the little anthology of contemporary Malaga poets in English. Then right from the hotel it's off to Madrid for the APUNE meeting and to see Daniela. Asun follows on Saturday.