As I write these lines we are just minutes from some very beautiful words: "Senyor Pirotecnic! Pot començar la mascletá!" March 19th! The last Mascletá!!! It fills me with tremendous sadness not to be in Valencia right now. Fallas! I just watched the video of yesterday's Mascletá by Ricardo Caballer. Thunderous! Last year I described the event in some detail, so I won't repeat myself. Now it's 2010 and here I am in Carlisle. It's a beautiful morning, very quiet, and strange to think that thousands of miles away a hundred thousand people are jumping with excitement, waiting to get their ears blasted with celestial music. Waldo seems to be reading my mind at this very moment. He's staring me down, even whining a little: celestial music? Are you kidding! Waldo does not appreciate fireworks. In fact, it seems to be the one thing in this world that can send him into a state of high anxiety. Joe's of the world: happy saint's day!

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