Botero and Abu Ghraib

This weekend I listened to an interesting conversation between Fernando Botero and former poet laureate Robert Hass. The occasion was Botero's series on Abu Ghraib, done in 2006. The drawings and paintings have been donated to the UC Berkely Art Museum, after Berkely, in 2007, became the first public institution in the US willing to show the paintings. Botero had previously been turned down by many museums. The paintings are quite powerful, and a powerful reminder of a shameful episode in American history. Some of the paintings can be seen at Slate.com. Why do so many people put blidners on? There is no hope for human dignity when you torture.
Dignity. Yesterday I went to visit a friend, an older woman who is living her last days. A very aggressive lung cancer is fast ravishing her body. She's in an out. But such dignity. Thank you Madelyn, for this beautiful lesson!

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