A March Morning

This morning's words are here mainly for the sake of my memory, so that some day in the future I can read them and think... well, maybe they won't provoke thoughts of any interest whatsoever, but with a little luck they'll fire some neurons such that I will maintain the illusion of a life lived with narrative coherence. OK, so yesterday we had some good timing: the checking account was in the red (not a novelty!), but then the tax refund came to the rescue. Good news. And bad news: there are already commitments and bills that more than double the available funds, easily. Someday this cycle will get better. No, no complaining, we've got it good, as they say.
It's practically mid-March and there are some signs of Spring. The days are longer, for one, and today the morning light has a promising quality to it. So, future reader: in March, 2010, on a Saturday morning, there was a sense of moving forward. There is much fun to be had without spending money. Travel will have to wait.
(Right now on the radio they are talking about trying terrorist suspects in military tribunals vs. civilian courts. The White House is going to reverse course. Big mistake! I thing about the Spanish example and the fight against ETA. Spanish democracy, with some stumbles along the way, has ultimately been greatly strengthened by treating ETA militants as the criminals they are. It's a very imperfect analogy, but there are good lessons to be learned. More another day...) In the photo, LeTort Spring Run.

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