All the help I can get...

I've been here in Malaga for close to ten months on my own. I love Malaga and love living here, but sometimes living by myself has been a real challenge. If it weren't for the support of family and friends it would simply be impossible. But the kindness of many people in the neighborhood has also been really important. Their good cheer and the friendly familiarity they give to the daily routine is a key element in my quality of life here. There are so many, and I'll eventually get around to all of them. Today I want to mention Noelia, pictured above, who keeps me in coffee at Pepe's. Noelia is all energy and she's always got a ready smile. She is a great sport in dealing with Juvenal's sense of humor (not easy!), and, in short, she's just a wonderful person to have serve you coffee every afternoon. There are lots and lots of places to have coffee in the neighborhood, but this year Bar Levante has been the set place for the daily injection of afternoon caffeine. The others at the bar, Isabel, Olga, and owner Pepe are also great. It's a real neighborhood bar and one feels quite comfortable there. And the coffee is fine.

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