The Heat is On

Yesterday it was hot in Malaga. Lots of people at the beach. In the morning I had to do some errands downtown, so I went to the market and got some nice little red mullet (salmonete). Murphy prepared them and they were accompanied by some nice Padron peppers. Delicious. Last night we were out with friends and had a grand time. I was a little bit of a party-pooper and left at 2. That was enough for me, and I know that as the night gets later the bars get louder and smokier. Last week Fernando Arcas declared his candidacy to be the new general secretary of the Socialist party in Malaga. This is especially significant because he's challenging the 'official' candidate. The other day we were talking on the phone and I joked to him that I'd take care of any troublemakers, that I had a good arsenal that I had brought back from Valencia. I hope no one is listening in on his calls, they might not be certain it's all a joke about my love of those big bang fireworks. I can see Ferando as the next mayor, that would be great fun. (In the photo: I live in the next to last building on the left, at the top of the photo.)

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