Poetic Justice

Pablo just won the Reina Sofía!  Friend Pablo García Baena yesterday was awarded the most important prize for poetry in Spanish, the Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana.  This is a wonderful recognition for Pablo, who's creative efforts span seven decades!  Pablo was our honored guest a few years ago and spent a memorable week in Carlisle.  His work is not easy, but it's worth the effort.  His poetry is sensual and baroque. Often it distances itself from everyday language in verses that celebrate classical traditions and sensuality. Pablos's poetry languished for years, both unknown and willfully forgotten, but in the 1970s he won the admiration of a generation of younger poets. Some of my translations were published in Sirena. Pablo is so quiet and unassuming; and his work is so rich and powerful.  He's going to have a difficult time for several days, with the phone ringing constantly.  We tried calling as soon as the prize was announced, but had to leave a message. Congratulations Pablo!


  1. Interesante blog! Saludos desde Málaga!

  2. Saludos también desde Málaga. Me alegro de que lo encuentre interesante. M.A.