Summer is here

Yesterday my cousin Mary Lou was here. She and her husband Paul are just starting a two week visit to Spain with their friend George, a Catholic priest. It was great to see them.  We walked around Málaga, went to the Pimpi and then had a fine dinner at Miguelito El Cariñoso. The dinner included an espeto (see photo), so for me it really felt like the beginning of summer.  (We also had fresh grilled shrimp, baby squid, red pepper salad, boquerones, and some wonderful pargo, red snapper.) An espeto is simply some fresh sardines pierced on a wooden stick, covered with sea salt and slowly roasted by the embers of olive tree wood. A small feast. Lots of people out on a lovely Friday evening. Today they are off to Granada.  Murphy also arrived yesterday, but he went off first to Frigiliana to spend the weekend with Chris and Rosalind, and of course, he's very anxious to see Canastera's new foal.  

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