Carmen Comes Ashore

         Today the beach right out front had some interesting entertainment. The Scuba Divers' Association celebrated the Feast of Carmen, which was actually the other day, by bringing up a statue of her that they have 'hidden' on the sea bottom just off this beach. The scuba divers went down and brought her up, put her on a boat, unloaded her onto the beach, put her on a float, then paraded her around the neighborhood for a few hours. Now (around 6 pm) she's getting ready to go back to her underwater shrine. Not really sure what to say about this one. She didn't draw much of a crowd. It's a hot, muggy day that does not inspire one to do much of anything. Friday I took Bob and Ellen to Granada, then to Cordoba. I came back yesterday morning. The visit to Granada was quite nice. After finding the hotel in Cordoba, an adventure in itself, we had a light dinner at Pepe de la Judería. It was quite funny because they sat us down at a table that had me facing a portrait of Pablo. Oh well, I didn't get to see him, but at least I got to have his portrait preside our dinner. In the second photo, Pablo with me on a visit he made a couple of months ago.

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