The Glory

Well, I hadn't really planned on it, but I ended up having an incredible lunch with Juvenal. And if someone had told me this morning I was going to have roast suckling pig I would have surely thought they were dreaming.  It's July for goodness' sake. One has cochinillo in the cold weather months, and in Segovia or Madrid. But we ended up at Miguel, who runs a beautiful little Castillian restaurant here in the neighborhood, and he suggested that's what I have, and who am I to argue with Miguel? (Clearly no one–I didn't argue.) I really have no right to eat this well. Totally ridiculous. Miguel's cochinillo was better than the one I had back in November at Botín, the cathedral of cochinillo cuisine. Oh my, and before the cochinillo, Miguel brought out a little dish of garbanzo and squid stew. Unbelievable! Heavenly. I just got up from a little nap so I don't quite have my bearings straight. (And this morning I had my first dip in the water in many months.  Surprisingly cold, but quite nice.)

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