Perro caca

Basset Hounds are not at all common in Malaga.  I only saw two all last year. So, it hasn't surprised me at all that every time I take a walk with Waldo I hear several kids exclaim, "mira, un perro salchicha" ("Look, a hot dog". Well, more literally, "a sausage dog".) But today was just a little different, and very funny.  Towards the end of the walk, and for about the fourth time, I hear a little boy shout "mira, un perro salchicha". But then immediately following, from his little sister, a girl who looked to be four or five years old: "No, Carlitos, es un perro caca" (No, Carlitos, it's a poop dog".) Indeed, it's all about perspective.  Some kids spot Waldo and see dinner; others see Waldo and imagine a turd. Just thought I'd share that. The first twenty-five people to respond to this entry will receive a free "perro caca" t-shirt!

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