The enemy

Back from a walk with Waldo. The beach, as has been consistently the case in recent weeks, is filthy. What a shame, I thought, you sure wouldn't see this kind of trash all over the place in Little Compton. "Oh these Spaniards..." I was thinking, and so my feeble brain was once again in a comparative mode and these comparisons rather quickly led to consider larger, weightier themes. For example, the fact that the United States has become a torturer nation. And my walk suddenly became angry and bitter. Where is the outrage? We continue to hold hundreds of men prisoner in Guantanamo with no formal charges against them. It's now over 2300 days of illegal imprisonment! Hundreds and hundreds of men like the ones shown above, imprisoned like dogs, no worse than dogs, for years and years and then released... without ever having formal charges brought against them! Many of them indeed may be really awful characters, perhaps members of Al Quaeda with blood on their hands. Then for God's sake put them on trial and make the evidence public. If we do things right, on the up and up, then these prisoners should be held in the US or in Iraq or Afganistan, where so many of them were detained.  Cuba?  Oh yes, that's perfectly normal. The grace period is long, long past, gone when the weapons of mass destruction never showed up, gone with Abu Ghraib. Is this the War on Terror or the War of Terror? So, a great way to start the day...

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