New Year's in Malaga

We did eat our grapes last night, after a wonderful dinner with Juvenal, Alicia, and Alicia's brother and his son. Incredible homemade raviolis. Good salads that Asun and I made. Ossobuco. The youngsters went out afterwards and Alma and Cristina got home around five am. A beautiful day in Malaga, a nice way to start the year. It wasn't anything like a hike in the woods, but Asun and I did get a nice walk in along the beach with Waldo. We talked about the Israeli destruction of Gaza and how tragic that whole messy situation is. I have been fortunate to never have lived in a society so full of murderous hatred and can't really fathom it. I get touches of it in San Sebastian, but that seems like touchy feely child's play compared to Israel and Palestine. ETA did set off a car bomb yesterday in Bilbao, where we were on Sunday, but they gave a little warning and no one was seriously hurt. I can't remember the name, but I did read something recently by a Polish philosopher about the importance of having some kind of faith. Faith in what is besides the point, but he argued that there better be something because once there's nothing to hope for it's all over. I'll keep hoping scientists discover that the Big Bang had a fuse and that a match was put to it. I think I should have that hope, but I'm not even certain about this. Maybe we could find out too much. And if the nature of the match were to repel us, or scare us? Right now I'm reading Blood Brothers, a novel from 1976 by Richard Price (in the photo). Daniela came across it in San Sebastian. I'm glad I asked her if I could look at it. It's pretty stark and crude for a thirteen year old. I didn't say she couldn't read it. I just haven't encouraged her. I'm enjoying it very much.

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