Sad Goodbye

The glaciers in Glacier National Park are melting away and they may be completely gone within a decade. They've been around for at least 7000 years. Anyone still doubting the reality of global warming? I just read this news and as I write this I'm trying to identify the nature of my sadness. I think that sinking feeling I have is for the future, for how we have robbed our children and grandchildren in such a terrible way. They taught us not to mess with Mother Nature, but meanwhile Progress had other ideas. I'm no Luddite and there are a whole lot of comforts and benefits of our wasteful, gluttonous age that I wouldn't want to give up, but it sure is sad. Unfortunately, when I was out in Yellowstone many years ago I didn't get a chance to go visit Glacier National Park. I hope that within the next couple of years we can do some traveling out west. Big mammals,, glaciers and forests, fish... it seems like everything is disappearing. But nature abhors a vacuum, right? I just hope whatever fills it doesn't kill us all.

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