Birth by Chance

Yesterday I was catching up with José Angel Cilleruelo's blog and came across one of his funny little dialogues. I don't know if this is pure invention, but I doubt it; I can imagine this happening pretty much the way he presents it. He presents it under the category "little theatre works." The conversation is between a lottery seller and client, which is immediately obvious for a reader of the original, but not necessarily so for one unfamiliar with Spanish life. Something about it caught my fancy so I went ahead and translated it:
–Please, could you give me a number that ends in 85.
–Does it have to be 85?
–Yes, it's got to end in 85.
–85, let's see what I can find. Here's one in 58 that smells like a winner. Will it do?
–How funny. I was born that year. In 58.
–A good reason.
–I'd prefer one that ends in 85.
–That means your reason is better.
–Well, perhaps.
–A reason better than having been born? Could there be one?
–I don't think so, none.
–So? 58?
–So: 85!
–Better than being born?
–To be born again.
–Another time?
–Not another time, the first time.
–Now I get it! But in 85... Nothing!

And speaking of birth, how about that woman in California and her eight newborns! That's hitting the lottery! I'm hoping not to be unborn today. Have a little trip to Cordoba to see Pablo today; should be fun.

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