Yesterday my new students arrived, so now it really is back to work. Also yesterday, in Madrid, there was a huge demonstration against Israel's invasion of Gaza. The organizers claimed a turnout of 250,000 people. El País estimated 55,000. Some things never change. I sympathize with the indignation expressed by the protesters, but in the news reports I saw not a single speaker made any reference to Hamas's missile attacks. A little one-sided. Also one-sided: I read a few minutes ago in the Times that Al Jazeera English TV is available almost nowhere in the United States. (I see it here and it's good; it's not a bunch of raving radicals.) That's just ridiculous. Think about all the crap your cable lineup is full of. And no one can find a spot for Al Jazeera? That's censorship. And Congress voting overwhelmingly to support Israel's invasion? We have really lost our minds. Read the resolution passed by the Senate. Talking about one-sided! 
But enough of horrible, depressing news. On Saturday a bunch of us went up into the Montes de Málaga to have lunch at the La Nada, the same place we went around this time last year. The usual suspects. It was cold! But the fire in the chimney kept us warm. (Photos, above.) Afterwards we had coffee with Ana Salinas, who excitedly told us that she had just been offered a position with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Good for her! Now I'd like to write about recent readings, but there's no time for that at this moment. It will have to wait. Off to work...

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