Britney and Paris fight in South Africa; Fly to Lagos to Invest in Nigerian Oil

The last blog entry was rather grim, so today we need the lighter side of things. Yesterday Daniel was showing me some interesting coins from his days as an enthusiastic numatist. Collecting of any kind has always been foreign to me and it's a mind set I just don't have. But sud-denly I realized that's not true, I am in fact a very novice collector of sorts. I collect coun- tries! The few of you who look at this blog will have noticed that a couple of weeks ago a visitor counter with map started appearing in the upper right corner. I saw that on another blog and it turned out to be so easy to add even I could figure it out. Initially I was very surprised to see the little dots start popping up. Then it started to make sense: Google! I'm sure most of the "visits" to this blog are not actual readers, but instead just the result of google searches. The odd tourist in Macedonia who is interested in Malaga. Macedonia! That one got my attention, as did Iceland. How's that for distinction? Yes, you may have a fancy car, but does anyone in Iceland read your blog? (Yes, yes, it's only ONE visit, but it still counts...) I think that one and Slovakia turned on the collecting switch in my twisted little brain. I need countries! Kind of like the game RISK: conquer the world! North America and Europe seem fairly easy, and there's been minimal contact from the East. But Africa? How do we reach Africa? And that's where the photo and the title of this entry come in. Do you think Henry Odein Ajumogobia, the Nigerian Minister of State for Energy googles himself? Well, we'll check back in a couple of days to see if we get any bites from Africa. Is this cheating?  Who knows, maybe these word combinations can catch a visitor or two and help fill in my map:
Lindsay Lohan Drunk in Ghana!
Britney goes crazy in Egypt!
Paris Passes Out in Uganda!
Lindsay Held by Aliens!
Free Stuff!!!