San Sebastian. Woke up this morning to a grey sky, very much like a typical day in Carlisle, and immediately I am reminded of how lucky we are to live in Malaga.  The first challenge this morning has been coffee. Lack of! One coffee maker broke back in December and the one I tried this morning was also broken. Finally, the bar right below turned out to be a satisfactory alternative. Well, not entirely: I prefer a "clean, well-lighted place" with lots of company, the noise of the expresso machine steaming milk, the shouts of the barman calling out orders to the kitchen, the morning conversations of others... in short, I like to feel surrounded, reminded that life can be dynamic. For this cup of coffee my company was one very depressed looking woman talking to the bartender about her, yes, depression, and a very obnoxious slot machine spitting out a loud and annoying jingle. Oh well, the coffee wasn't bad and the day can only get better. (Later- the day has gotten better. I just back from an errand to purchase a new coffee maker. Works well! Am feeling much better. And thinking, not all addictions were created equal. So far I have not come across any serious consequences to my caffeine addiction. I seem to be managing it just fine. Cristina gets in from London this afternoon. Wonderful!