Cyber Freedom for Cuba

June 1st had been designated as a day of protest in favor of freedom in Cuba. Most Cubans have very limited and censored access to internet. "Real" access is available in the tourist hotels at prices that are prohibitive to almost the entire population. So this post is my minimal contribution to this campaign: read the Cuban bloggers, if you go to Cuba, buy internet access cards and distribute them. And know that Guantánamo is not the only place in Cuba where torture is practiced. Varela Project coordinator Tony Díaz Sánchez continues to be imprisioned, along with many other prisoners of conscience, and indepedent reports inform that he is currently being held in infrahuman conditions, in total isolation, for his unwillingness to "cooperate". The Castro brothers long ago lost their ability to keep the Cuban population deceived with their massive propaganda machine. That game is over. All that's left is the obedience that comes from fear. And the ability to impose fear, too, seems to be waning.
     I don't think the communist regime can survive the deaths of the Castro Brothers. Let's hope that the change will put ordinary Cubans in charge of their sovereignty. They don't need "tutors", neither from Washington, Madrid nor Miami. And certainly not from Caracas.