Kownacki Man!

I thought I was done with baseball for at least a few days, but thanks to the wonders of our information age, I and millions of others have seen the video of Fordham University's Brian Kownacki leaping over the catcher to score! The play of the year? How about the play of the century! See it here. How often are you going to see something like that? Now imagine pre-Internet. It would have been a local legend with no photographic evidence. It almost surely would never have moved beyond a very small circle of local fans.
Maybe this is the Yang to Billy Buckner's Ying. And what I loved about this video is that Kownacki (say that out loud a few times!) was a little nonchalant when he hopped up. Sure, I do this all the time. Most wonderful is that the kid didn't snap his neck: that was a very dangerous jump. These surprises are really wonderful. You can't run through the catcher? Don't like physical contact? Jump over him! This could be great subject matter for a ballet. (That's Kownacki on the left, above.)

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