Madlyn Orloski

Yesterday we said our final farewell to Madlyn. It was a nice service, but I was sorry I couldn't go to the reception afterwards. Madlyn was a fine friend. She was a tough cookie and had little patience for nonsense. I think I'll remember her most for our time together on the Drug and Alcohol commission. She was not a frequent participant in the discussions at the commission meetings, but she did ask pointed questions. I also have very fond memories of those other meetings we'd attend together. Madlyn was wonderful with the way she could reach even the youngest, most reluctant women who would sometimes come in, full of anger, negativity, and feeling defeated, sometimes even worthless. She really wanted to help them, and she was often successful. Madlyn could have a sharp tongue, but her heart was soft and true. Her humor was self-deprecating and she was always toughest on herself. She reminded me sometimes of my aunt Jo, another tough woman with a soft heart. I can hear her voice, and I miss it terribly, "Mark, it's Maaaadlyn..." And those curt answers when she'd call you out on your b.s. "Ya. Un huh." And she'd look right through you. Cosmos, be on alert. Madlyn is here!

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