Pedagogical Experiment

This morning I will exper- iment with my students. One of their tasks this semester is to learn a sonnet by heart and recite it for the class. It occurred to me yester- day that one way to emphasize how end rhymes can help them "learn" a sonnet is to have them "put together" a previously unseen sonnet. So I'll give them the fourteen lines of a sonnet "cut up" and scrambled and have them work in groups to rebuild the sonnet, putting the verses in order. We'll see how it goes.

Later: it went pretty well. The students were certainly engaged in trying to figure out the correct order of the verses. And they got there after about fifteen minutes.

April 28th and cold! Might get frost tonight. In the image, the manuscript of Baudelaire's famous sonnet "Recuillement". (And I just learned there is a very, very large-breasted woman by the name of Ewa Sonnet: that's what you get when you do an image search of "sonnet". She's a polish model.

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