Squid and Earthquakes

Today it's just reminders for a tired brain: yesterday our department hosted the Dickinson Club's weekly get together. It was nice to have many nice contributions from colleagues. I made some black rice (that is, a squid in its ink paella, basically) and it came out wonderfully, if I do say so myself. It was the first time I had done that dish large scale. Hector's pork in a sweet sauce dish was extraordinary, as was Beatriz's bean dish. It was a beautiful Spring afternoon, a fun event. From there we went over to the CPYB studios to watch an open rehearsal of Cinderella's Ball. Next weekend Daniela will dance the role of Cinderella. Excellent. And this morning it's work, which is going to start momentarily.
When someone says something truly outrageous, a not uncommon response is to suggest that the provocateur should not be dignified with a response. I agree. However, sometimes the outrageous is so wacky, responses, in the form of healthy laughter, can be ventured with no danger of lending any credence whatsoever to the intelligence-challenged blabbermouth. Such is the case with the Iranian cleric who declared that the cause of recent earthquakes is scantily dressed women. And apparently, scantily dressed, large-breasted women! Well, at least this guy is working within the tradition of a rich metaphor, perhaps universal in scope: the erotic impulse as supernatural force, so strong it makes the earth tremble! The rants become tiresome, sometimes they are quite dangerous, and once in a while we can just laugh.

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