I guess all of us have our little eccentricities. And a few of us have something else. Walking Waldo this morning I came across a curious sight, and not for the first time. A young man was standing on the sidewalk in very animated discussion with... the air in front of him. This was the third of fourth time I've seen this guy. It's very sad, he seems to be deeply schizophrenic. One hopes he's not a danger to himself or others. He certainly seems harmless, but troubled. Yesterday I came across a "happy" mentally ill man, but this young guy seems to have some inner awareness of his illness. That's purely speculative on my part, but it's the sense I get when I see him. (The image above is from a recent study on adolescent schizophrenics. Researches have found that their brains are literally wasting away. They found significant tissue loss over a five year period. Someday they'll find a cure. Then I came across The Walker. We see him a lot, the guy who's life seems to be thoroughly dedicated to walking all over Malaga at a quick pace. I suspect he suffers from some kind of compulsive obsessive disorder. You can see it in his face-don't talk to me, don't distract me, I'm on a mission. I see him at least a couple of times a week, usually on the Paseo Marítimo, but a few times I've seem him in completely different areas of the city. He's very thin.