It seems to go out faster than it comes in. And last week I just noticed a new hyperlink when I go to the blogger page: "monetize". Another invitation to invite advertisers into this blog. I imagine I might earn a few cents per month were I to activate it. No thanks. Imagine the thousands and thousands of blogs set up with the explicit purpose of trying to generate some income. No doubt words like "hot" and "sex" will generate more traffic. Maybe, the things the way they are these days, the key words are "jobs", "free" or "help wanted". Well, here in Malaga we are stumbling along. Yesterday another sign of changing times: as I was leaving the Cursos building around 7:30 pm, an older man shuffled up to me to ask for some money for a cup of coffee. And he didn't look like the typical homeless person, but rather someone who had some kind of tenuous support system that maybe had run out on him. A very sad sight. Right now the future here is looking fairly grim. The savings and loan Caja Castilla La Mancha was just taken over by the central bank. They reported a profit of 30 million euros for 2008 but it turns out they've got a black hole of 3 billion. Oops! Our next distraction: Holy Week processions. Downtown is being taken over by temporary seating and other related paraphenalia. Lots of attention on the weather forecasts. (In the photo, with Asun and Daniela on the roof of La Pedrera, a Gaudi designed building in Barcelona.)