Sunday morning, 9:30 am. They're getting ready for a running race in support of breast cancer research and they've got the start and finish set up right beneath the apartment. The noise is incredible. Why do Spaniards insist on accompanying these kinds of events with sound systems appropriate for stadium concerts? I'm all in favor of supporting cancer research, of course, but couldn't they skip the screeching music and obnoxious mc's? It's really too bad, because this huge crowd of women pumped up to run is a wonderful sight. What a shame that the organizers are ruining the morning for a whole neighborhood and to no purpose except that of perpetuating a national ill: the idea that if it makes a lot of noise it must be important. Unbelievable. Ok, so now the women have gone off running, few people are left, but the jerk with the microphone won't let up. I'm getting out of here–there's no fighting it. Well, at least it's a beautiful day. This is more like it. Hopefully winter is really gone now. On Friday I took Adrienne Su, her daughters and her mother to Granada. It rained and was rather chilly up at the Alhambra. They are in Seville today and will be back in Malaga tonight.