Sylvia Plath

Last night we brought the Leer la voz americana series to an end. The final session was dedicated to Sylvia Plath. Xoan Abeleira and Isabel Pérez Montalbán were the speakers and both were very good. And in friendly disagreement on a couple of points, which was nice to see. There was probably less discussion of translation than in previous sessions, as both Isabel and Xoan focused more on the myth of Plath and how that has affected how we read her. Lauren Wachtel and Marlena Meikrantz both read very nicely, as did Yana Roy, a University of Malaga student. After the event we walked over to Bar Emilio (which I think I had been misidentifying as Bar Emily) for the reading by Adrienne Su. I hadn't been in this bar in years. Emilio himself, ever the gracious host, greeted us at the door and made us feel right at home. There was an excellent turnout and Adrienne read for close to fifty minutes, which I think was about right. I read most of my translations, but recruited José Antonio Mesa Toré to read a couple. And two of Marcos Rodríguez's translation students read their versions of three of Adrienne's new poems. All in all a fun event and I think interesting for Adrienne to be able to meet some new poets.