Nearing the End?

It just occurred to me that it's been almost twelve months since I started "a year in Malaga". Is it about to end? Maybe, or if I decide I want to continue, I guess I could  just change the name of the blog. Or not, doesn't really matter. The first entry was March 24th, 2008, so I've still got just over a week to think about it. In any case, today is Sunday and it looks like it's going to be another nice day. It was a very busy week. Adrienne Su was here, of course, then we had a real brief visit from Moos, a physical therapist, native of Holland and resident of Sweden. Apparently he works a lot with dancers and had come to Madrid to work with a couple of Daniela's ballet classmates from Sweden. He ended up working with Daniela, too. That's how Asun met him. We had a nice visit and it was interesting to get his perspective on Daniela's progress. (To say that he's impressed is putting it mildly.) As soon as Moos arrived on the AVE we took him out to Pedregalejo and had a nice lunch at El Cabra. We ordered their famous paella. Some concha fina (local clams on the half shell) and sardines while we waited. Sumptuous. So this weekend is a little breather, then Tuesday early we leave for Valencia: Fallas! Yesterday we had lunch at La Barra with the Antonios and company. It was wonderfully relaxing and during the lunch, sitting outside, right on the street, I was talking to Isabel about how sorely this would be missed next year. To join your friends at 2:15 for lunch with no worries about jumping up to run back to work after half an hour: that's civilized. We got up from coffee in the Plaza de la Merced at 6:30. On the other hand, we have yet to do our taxes and time is fast running out. Asun is not happy about this. (In the photo, Maria del Mar, Antonio, and Isabel the night of my birthday.)