On the way back from my morning exercise the other day I made my usual stop at the kiosco to get the paper. As I waited in line I was admiring the chaotic mix of magazines, books, dvds, and other products jammed up against the glass.  Presiding it all, above the opening from where Dolores distributes the goods, is El Cautivo, the iconic Christ figure of Malaga, depicted on ceramic tiles.  One sees El Cautivo everywhere in Malaga – in homes, stores, bars, taxis... I even have the image in my kitchen, overseeing the 2008 wall calendar provided by Antonio, the neighborhood butcher.  El Cautivo resides in the Church of St. Paul, in the Trinidad neighborhood and if you stop by that church at just about any hour you will see a constant coming and going of the faithful.  They stop by to pray, to ask a favor, to receive consolation, to give thanks, or even just to admire.  El Cautivo always has visitors.  And the Cautivo that presides the newsstand is surrounded by... porn.  The Seductress this, the Stud that, Carmen Does Seville, etc.... it's all there.  The Cautivo doesn't even blink.  Nor do the customers.

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