Remembering Pat

Tuesday brought very, very sad news. Our dear neighbor Pat Miller passed away unexpectedly. Pat lived right next door to us and it was always a delight to chat with her whenever she stepped out from her kitchen. Pat always had wonderful things to say about our garden, even when it was a complete mess–she always saw the positive. And she always had a ready supply of whatever it was we were missing at the last minute: baking soda, an onion, garlic, sugar... whatever it was, Pat shared it with good cheer. Pat was really the bright light of our neighborhood. She loved having her grandchildren visit and they clearly loved being with a grandmother they adored to no end. I'll never forget the time we had a bonfire in our yard during a big party and the flames, well, they got going good and were reaching a height and intensity that was well beyond what we had scripted. Pat was eyeing them quite suspiciously as it looked like her house might catch on fire! She had every reason to think that I was indeed not funny at all and that we were, in fact, very bad and irresponsible neighbors. But she was a great sport about it and acted as if it were great fun, even though I think the poor woman was feeling, quite rightfully, rather terrified. Our condolences go out to the whole Miller family.

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